New Campaign Handouts

A set of Word documents to be used as handouts to players when starting a new campaign!

These are intended to be a template or starting point for your own campaign handouts and can be modified to suit your play style and requirements.

Currently includes

D&D Campaign Expectations Give a copy of this to each player to set the expectations of your campaign to the players. Describes safety tools and sets the tone and theme of thecampaign.

D&D Consent Form Used to determine how comfortable each player is with a number of topics and themes that may arise during the campaign or story. Used by the DM to compile the Lines and Veils for the campaign, to ensure maximum enjoyment for everyone at the table!

D&D New Character Details A tool for helping players develop a character backstory that isn’t fourty pages long. Asks a series of backstory related questions and requests players write one paragraph max. for each answer.

Campaign Expectations Preview

Consent Form Preview

New Character Details Preview

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