Nights of the Pirate God (A level 6 8 adventure featuring Chimera)

A tribe of kuo toa have become increasingly brazen in their raiding and piracy of the
island kingdom of Kauruna. The local community begs the party to help defeat the
creatures and the monstrous chimera which they have taken as their god.

This adventure connects well with Ghosts of Saltmarsh as part of a naval campaign.

Cartography courtesy of Dyson Logos.

If you like this adventure, check outDarkness on the River of Tears, my recent adventure with The Old Goat, based on the Heart of Darkness. It explores similar themes and connects with Tomb of Annihilation as a campaign.

This is the nineteenth in the A to Z One Page series, featuring Chimera. The series goes through each monster in the monster manual, and presents a brief adventure that highlights that creature as an antagonist.

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