Primordial Gods

Primordial Gods tells the story of four deities who existed before the dawn of the Multiverse’s creation. It tells the tale of how Nil, the first being, created Locus, god of the cosmos and Tempus, goddess of time, who in turn betrayed their creator to make Rem, the sleeping deity of all creation, and thus the multiverse. It also warns of Nil’s evil intent for the rest of all creation in their lust for revenge.

Contained within this supplement is the following

The story of the Primordial Gods, and how they can be used as alternative domains.

The story of the Ferryman, a psychopomp created by the Primordial Gods to ferry souls to a land of the dead

12 new Subclasses, one for each of Players Handbook standard classes

New Eldritch Invocations for Warlock

A new race option, the cursed objects known as the Amalgam

Two new backgrounds

A new feat

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