Smoke & Thunder’s Timeline of Arms

When Was THAT Invented?

Smoke & Thunder is a bestselling series of guides to the more advanced weapons and technologies that might be found in some D&D settings. From the Late Middle Ages to the Modern Day, and from the Day After Tomorrow to the Distant Stars, Smoke & Thunder volumes 1 and 2 cover weapons, armor, gear, and character options with a focus on firearms, artillery, and explosives.

But which items really came in what order? Were there arquebuses before cannons? Pepperboxes before rifles? Gas masks before fragmentation grenades? Smoke & Thunder divides these items into seven broad eras, but the Timeline of Arms puts every item in order of invention and provides known or estimated years for all of them. (Futuristic items like power armor, laser cannons, plasma rifles, and tachyon grenades are placed in an estimated advancement order without any attempt at placing years on them.)

Whether or not you’re already using Smoke & Thunder rules, this document can be useful for printing out and marking to indicate where technology stands in your historically influenced campaign world or science fantasy setting. Use it to let the giff character in you Spelljammer game know which firearms are available for use with their species benefits. Or simply view this as a free preview of the full equipment lists for Smoke & Thunder if you’re curious about buying them!

This short document contains no game rules or item stats. The Timeline of Arms is just that—a list of items and dates for your reference.

Detailed rules and stats (even magic items) are found in my guides below

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