Temple of the Dragon Turtle Battlemap and One Page Dungeon

Hey Adventurers!

Before they can listen to the prophecies of the Dragon Turtle, the heroes must first prove themselves worthy before the tide comes in and puts everything under water.
Will they overcome the numerous traps and solve the riddle of the temple that opens the entrance to the inner sanctum, or will the Sahuagin drag them into the depths of the cold sea?

I made this dungeon mainly to throw more complex traps and riddles instead of combat encounters at my players. They loved the challenges and the out of the box problem solving they needed to make. You can adjust the suggested encounters to the strength and weaknesses of your party or just use the map for your completly own dungeon experience. Have fun!
The complex traps i used were taken out of „Completely Crushing Complex Traps Vol. I“, but you can use your imagination to create even deadlier traps

  • very detailed
  • 200px quality, 70×37
  • 4 different versions (grid and no grid + numbers and no numbers)
  • supersmall filesize (6,5 MB)

scaled down pic

scaled down pic

scaled down pic

This maps were created using Dungeondraft with the Assets of Forgotten Adventures.

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