The Corrupted Ruins

“The initial fear caused by the massive earthquake that struck near Springvale weeks ago began to fade. Then hunters started to come back empty handed, unable to find game, then crops started to wither. What was, weeks ago, a lush vibrant forest has quickly become cold and withered. We sent a scouting party into the woods to investigate. It seems the earthquake disrupted a crypt. Our scouts then found that the corruption extends in a circle, with this crypt in the center. We need a group of skilled adventurers to brave the crypt, find out what is causing this corruption and destroy it, or Springvale risks becoming a memory. We are offering 1000 gold from our coffers to a party able to help us.”

InThe Corrupted Ruinsyou are called upon to aid the small down of Springvale. A great evil has broken free from an ancient crypt, forgotten to time. You must find the ruin and venture within, overcoming traps and monsters to end the vile corruption within.

The dungeon is full of environmental storytelling, by the end, without loredumps, you will be able to piece to together this history of the dungeon, and with extra careful notice, maybe even get advantages in certain encounters. Certain tropes of dungeon crawling are upended, leading to an exciting adventure that isn’t soon forgotten.

This module can be inserted into campaigns as either a side quest, or an opening quest to unite the party.

Includes 2 new monsters and 1 new magic item

Written, Designed & Illustrated by Ben Goldman

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