The Eberron Codex Chapter 3

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Into the Mournland

The expedition had set out with grand ambitions, but what they found was a world beyond their worst nightmares. As they pushed further into the Mournland, the group of over a hundred adventurers dwindled down to a mere handful of brave souls. They faced hunger, thirst, and the relentless attacks of unspeakable creatures, until they stumbled upon the ruins of an old watchtower. But the respite was short lived, for a hidden terror lurked within its walls, ready to strike.

This chapter contains 100 encounter propositions

20 NPC henchmen

A legendary encounter with full statblock

The artwork in this chapter was given extra attention

From the Film Noir pulp setting of the criminal underworld of Sharn, into the darkness and eldritch horror of the Mournland.

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