The Leprechaun’s Plague A St. Patrick’s Day Adventure

Through an unfortunate misunderstanding, the party finds themselves hunting not a dangerous leprechaun…but a convention of cursed lepers?!

Asked to help break the curse, the party must solve puzzles, riddles, traps, and more in this comedic one shot dealing with four leaf clovers, rainbows, and pots of gold along the way!

In a versatile format which can be adjusted for 3 5 players of any level, this one shot adventure includes pregenerated character sheets so you can simply pick up and play.

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This adventure is part of The God Trials collection, created and written by Ammon Hansen. Specifically, this is product 4 of 50 for 2023. Follow us on Twitter (@TheGodTrials) or Instagram (the_god_trials) for updates! New adventures will be released every Saturday.

The included adventure is estimated to takearound 3 hours to complete.

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