Alien Terrain Galbarian Lowlands

Alien Terrain Galbarian Lowlands
Your ship touches down at one of the landing pads at Tatcho settlement. You make a quick check of your side arm, making sure that the laser pistol is on hand just in case you need it. Tatcho is not the worst of star ports that you’ve visited, but the community has its shares of danger… enough to make sure you’re packing protection. A stay at the much safer, nicer Leran City would have been preferable, but your matter of business in the Galbarian Lowlands is a bit shady. The regular police patrols at Leran would not be compatible with your mission…

This role playing game supplement contains an overland hex map of a thriving and prosperous, lower elevation region located on an alien planet. This area is suitable for an assortment star faring campaign settings. Each hex on the map represents 10 kilometers and there are 15 numbered areas on the map total. Each of the numbered areas contains details that help the Game Master (GM) plot out a potential adventure, dangerous encounter, or friendly settlement or space port. The GM is welcome to further add on to the location with additional encounters, events, or important locations if they so wish.

After the main page you will find two bonus encounter charts. One is for land encounters and the other for aquatic encounters. The GM should use this chart any time the characters are exploring unmarked locations on the map and the action is starting to get dull.

Two additional versions of the map are provided. One version lacks the numbered locations and the descriptions, giving the GM something to print if they wish to present to the player characters. The characters can use this map to keep track of where they have been and where they might be going (or wishing to explore). The second version adds extra blank marker circles (in a pinkish tone) to allow the GM to add some of their own points of interest to the map.

The detailed map entries are written in a manner that allows the product to be as game system/edition generic as possible. The flavor is that of typical space opera variety, allowing you to add or remove as much of a “space fantasy” flavor as you need. As discussed prior, all the important bits are kept to one sheet of paper, allowing you to print off only that if you wish and also allowing you to quickly reference locations without having to flip through a bunch of pages

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