Arcane Imperfections Vol.6

Welcome to Arcane Imperfections Volume 6 Preparation is key. Where every spells can help the Caster with just a little more preparation, this volume delves into teleportation, explosive traps, dramatic moments, communication channels, and protective petrification. With these new spells, you can add excitement and strategy to your DnD campaigns.
The first spell in this volume is Programmed Teleportation, which allows you to set a specific destination for your teleportation spell to activate later. The Trapdoor Bomb spell creates a powerful webbing explosion that a particular trigger or a verbal command can trigger. This spell is perfect for ambushes or traps laid for unsuspecting foes.
The third spell, This is The Moment, gives the Caster a quick look into the future, granting advantage on an action during the day. Communication Conduit creates a magical link between multiple, allowing them to communicate telepathically, regardless of distance. Lastly, Gilded Protective Petrification turns the Caster into the hardest substance known to preserve the Caster’s life.
With these new spells, you can add new layers of intrigue and excitement to your DnD campaigns. Explore the possibilities and see how these spells can shape your next adventure. So prepare your spell book, and let the magic begin with Arcane Imperfections Volume 6.

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