Baldur’s Gate Sandbox

A collection of pdfs for Running Baldur’s Gate as a sandbox including maps and a sandbox guide.

Sandbox Guide

Created by a professional designer, this sandbox guide uses a very concise writing style with open ended hooks that can be interpreted in a variety of ways (although suggestions are provided).

It’s designed to be printed as an A5 booklet on a standard home printer. You can do this by printing the pdf file and selecting the booklet option. The resulting A4 pages can be folded to make a booklet, and stapled in the centre.

Content example

An example sandbox guide page

Baldur’s Gate maps

Labelled for clarity, these Maps are A3 but are still legible when printed in A4 size.

Map example

an example of the baldur's gate map

Suggested uses

  • Run Baldurs gate as a sandbox
  • Use it as a basis for the beginning portion of Descent into Avernus
  • Use it during and after the events of the Fall of Elturel
  • Use it during and after the Avernus Rising campaign
  • Use it as a base for your own adventures around the Sword coast


This bundle brings together a selection of locations and story hooks from various sources that feature Baldur’s Gate

It also includes some original content and locations to flesh the city out even further.

Future plans

  • Battle maps for key locations
  • A visitor’s guide to Baldur’s Gate suitable for player use
  • A template for producing your own copies of Baldur’s Mouth, a local newspaper



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