Coldforge Gauntlet

Welcome to the Coldforge Gauntlet, a replayable arena designed to be dropped into any campaign!

Win or lose, the players are encouraged to enter more than once to rise to the top! There are multiple challenges with an endless permutation of opponents.

New Stat blocks, Spells, Maps, and More!

  • A replayable arena for levels 1 20
  • Modularly designed encounters
  • 3 different challenge templates provided
  • Roll tables provided to determine the competition
  • 8 prebuilt opponent parties
  • 28 new creature stat blocks
  • 11 spells
  • 2 magic item
  • 6 battlemaps formatted for Roll20, Foundry, Fantasy Grounds, Grid, and Gridless
  • 6 creature tokens
  • Lore for each creature
  • 30+ plot hooks to introduce future adventures
  • Read aloud text and sidebars with suggested variations
  • Rules to scale the encounter to any size and level between 1 and 20, even split level parties

The adventure is an Add On for Creed’s Codex Arcane Secrets of the Summoners. The video for Kickstarter is included in the description if you’d like to see what the campaign entailed.

This item is priced at $ 11.99

This item is produced by Knight Vision Creative

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