Field Guide to Odeon GM Content

The Field Guide to Odeonis a third party expansion for theLancermecha RPG by Massif Press.

Odeon is the Planet of Storytellers. Whoever holds sway there can dominate the stories, the memories, the collective culture of all of Union. Of all Humanity.

In the sealed vaults and tunnels beneath the Great Amphitheatres, a shadow war is being fought by two great media conglomerates, and the military companies they choose as their tools. Will you sacrifice everything in service of victory with the Pallbearers? Or sell your song and soul to Apsara Zaibatsu?

Suit up, Lancer. There are stories to be told.

FGTOis a very much a work in progress. It will grow as we (Hookedsteward & Konigstein) keep writing and playtesting it, but at the moment it contains…

  • Two new Corporationswith full Core Bonuses and a full lineup of Mechs. Discover the ultra pragmatic warrior framesof the Pallbearers and the showy performance mechs of Apsara.
  • New mechsfrom the Big Five Duel barehanded in the GMS Stetind or bathe in the radioactive warmth of the Harrison Armory Mendel, and more.
  • New Talents, with more to come! Dance through the danger as a Performer, or hurl yourself into the fray as the gruesome Raider.
  • New NPCs and Templates, from the nimbleJäger to the bass boosting Amplifier.
  • New Pilot Gearfor both the Pallbearers and the Zaibatsu. Light up the room with an Ostenflage suit, or escape the daily grind with a Cerebral Ejection System.
  • The BandGeneratorWant to create a wacky group of musical misfits? This huge d20 table lets you rapidly generate weird and unusual band concepts.

And best of all it’sthoroughly playtestedand includes an .lcp file for use with Comp/Conn.

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