FS3 Vampires of the Night Masks


Vampires of the

Night Masks

The Night Masks, vampires with an agenda

of dominion, updated to 5th edition

As for oblivion, well, we can wait a little while for that.”

Anne Rice

A guide to the Night Masks

by Igor Comunale

& Claudia Zanni

The Night Masks vampires were defeated and forced to flee Westgate. But the ancient power of the Faceless has not dimmed. It festered in Stormwatch Castle and now is ready to bloom again.

In this supplement the Night Masks return as an international assassins’ guild with a plan of global domination.

This guide contains

statistics to use Night Masks as enemies
rules for the vampire legacy as playing characters

new feats for vampire characters
a description of a Night Masks Duke lair with an original map

new magic items related to the Night Masks

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