Hugo’s Hollywood Hoard! Items Inspired by Movie Magic

Hugo’s Hollywood Hoard

Welcome adventurer to my magical manifest! Here you will find a list of treasures and artifacts from the fantastic realm of Hollywood, where adventurers and characters of epic proportions live and die, and sometimes, their treasure is passed on…. I have been as thorough as possible in restoring them and bringing them across into the lands of Dungeons and Dragons. Though the names of their wielders and masters may have been forgotten in time (and in some cases omitted, I do not wish for the orginal owners to come looking for them!). Their stories are as timeless as they are fantastical. I hope the treasures you find within will bolster and inspire many new adventurers on their path to glory!

Here you will find a trove of over 50 items inspired by movie magic across many various universes, Including the War of the Ring, The Infinite Saga, The Justice Division, Ghost Hunters and Tools of a Gentleman Spy!

Wow your party with this stocklist of fun and recognisable treasures put into your campaigns for 5e!

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