Monstrous Legacies Volume 1

The world of Dungeons and Dragons is full of terrifying monsters but what happens when these monsters’ become adventurers. Within this document lies the rules to play as several typically monstrous creatures as playable ancestries.

Step into the shoes, claws, paws, and hooves of six monstrous ancestries compatible with Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

In this document you will find 6 new monstrous ancestries for your Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition game. This document introduces the opportunistic Gnoll. the crafty Implor, the mighty (and affable) Pit Friend, the blood thirsty Sahuagin, the nimble Skeleton and the unstoppable Tarrasque kin.

Most will see you as a monster, but it is up to you to either prove them wrong as an unlikely hero or prove them right as monstrous villain in the World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game.

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