Quests and Campaigns for Beacon of Doom Book 3

Quests and Campaigns Book 3 for Beacon of Doom is the third instalment of Quests and Campaigns for the 3D printable role playing game, Beacon of Doom. Each instalment of Quests and Campaigns introduces new elements to game play. In Book 3, unlockable content includes four new, specialized, playable groups the Ashkar who evolve the ability to fight beyond death; the Artische who are built for assassinations; the Kitam who have a cloaked vessel and more thief based skills; and the Plack Ik, a B2 group that literally eats their way through a crowded room! This Book also introduces Battle Force combat 30+ unit squad based combat as well as Army Clashes that will take up a whole game board, on paper and in the real! Magic is introduced to the universe, and players can now create characters and, with luck, gift them magical skills. Along with that, we’re introducing Magical Wards and Defences. Two new Mini Games are now available for play Crash Racers and Bot Arena Fighting, and players will now be able to unlock a Weather Maker, Server Hacking Tool, and some Extra Characters to add to their existing teams. Did I mention Kalchia Midaschan? The inter dimensional creature you get to fight? This Book expands the Beacon of Doom universe with some much needed and much savoured Elements, and I entreat you to be a part of this 3D Printable and Pen Paper experience!

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