SVMP is a supplement for Mörk Borg, introducing a whole new filthy swampy setting.

Engulfed in a veil of heavy fog and foul fumes, daylight never reaches the stagnant waters of SVMP These wetlands of acidic sludge and SVMPs of sickening secretion will, no doubt, fester upon your mortal coil – even your soul will not go untainted.

The content

  • A whole new swamp setting
  • A full map
  • 4 Key locations
  • 5 new gods/entities
  • 4 new classes
  • 6 deadly infections and diseases with new mechanics
  • d100 items to plunder from corpses
  • 10 terrible treasures
  • 25 monsters with stats and descriptions
  • 3d10 wierd random encounters
  • 6 plot hooks
  • A no prep one shot all fleshed out with maps and encounters
  • Packed with original illustrations and a beautiful thematic layout

This item is priced at $ 8.00

This item is produced by Blæk Games

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