The Dungeon Dozen Volume Two

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The DungeonDozen Volume Two, another book of wildly imaginative random tables, staggers forth from the moldering crypt of the OSR to freshly infest the minds of today’s dungeon enthusiasts.

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Tables within include

  • Also Removed by the Remove Curse Spell
  • Commonly Abused Underworld Intoxicants
  • Damn Good Reasons to Descend into the Mythic Underworld
  • Drunk Jerks with Swords
  • Interdungeon Connectivity
  • Items on the Witch’s Utility Belt
  • On a Successful Check for a Non existent Secret Door
  • There are No Dragons in this World
  • Unpleasant Callers at the Adventurers’ HQ
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This second volume adds over 200 system agnostic random tables designed to fuel game ideas for GMs and players of fantasy role playing games. These tables run the gamut from quick monster generators, encounter tables, strange treasures, weird hirelings, and solutions to at the table quandaries for when the players take an unanticipated turn. Loaded with black and white old school dungeon art calculated to spur on the imagination, the PDF is thoroughly book marked with a traditional index.

Handsome Hard and Softcover books are available atThe Dungeon Dozen Vol. 2 Sholtis, Jason, Brandt, Chris, Sholtis, Jason 9781387576586 Books

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