The Revenge of The Crows One Shot

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The Revenge of The Crows is a mystery adventure for a party of 4th level characters. It takes place in the farming village of Woodview but can be completelyrestyled for fitting your own scenario and campaign.

The village of Woodview is in danger. The scarecrows that protect the farms are mysteriously disappearing and returning possessed to attack the villagers. Without the straw dolls, the crows are infesting the farms and decimating the crops.
But the citizens of Woodview have a suspicion that something sinister may be behind this whole plot. Could the arrival of brave heroes in the village be a sign that luck is about to change?

In this adventure, you will find

  • 18 pages of illustrated content
  • Around 6 hours of gameplay
  • Digital maps for your virtual tabletop
  • Tokens of all creatures and main NPCs for your virtual tabletop
  • Creatures statblocks
  • A final mini dungeon with an epic boss fight


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