The Satyr’s Sin

A First Level Plug and Play Advnture for Animal lovers and Tree huggers alike. Plug this adventure into any campaign you’d like, or just look through it for ideas.

Perfect for Introductory Players

As my first published title, I wanted to create this adventure with my real world audience in mind. The friends of mine that I want to introduce to the game. With this in mind, the Adventure may not be written for a first time Dungeon Master, it is an easy to understand adventure that allows itself the perfect opportunity to try out different characters and aspects of the game, without the adventure getting stale, or getting in the way.

Full Page Maps with Scale Grid

The Maps are maximally sized to allow for clear movement in and out of combat, each with a square grid that is easily understandable to every player. 1 Square = 5sqft The objects and creatures mapped throughout are done so with that scale in mind and with a full page devotion there are fewer secrets to be given away by allowing your party to see the map, creating a more immersive experience for some new players.

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