This and That Pack and Pouch (5e)

Adventurers need to carry a lot of stuff. To explore dungeons, they need rope, torches, crowbars, and 10 foot poles. In the wilderness, they need food, bedding, flint and tinder, and cooking gear. And that’s not even getting to all the treasure they haul home after a hard day’s work. How are they expected to carry all that stuff?

In bags of course! Bags are not just an important part of an adventurer’s toolkit, it’s where they keep their toolkit. From the lowly belt pouch to the lofty bag of holding, no adventurer can be without bags.

Pack and Pouch is a mini supplement for all things bag related. It contains

  • Real world history of bags
  • Bags in a fantasy setting
  • Two new pieces of equipment
  • Three NPC porters to carry your stuff
  • One new spell smuggler’s boon
  • A random bag generator
  • Seven new magical items including Nebrik Bronzebottem’s bag of nabbing, resourceful pouch, and sack of infinite sacks.
  • Three new monsters bag lurker, baggy bogieman, and childnapper

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This item is produced by Sneak Attack Press

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