100 Hooks and Rumours for the City of Dolmvay

This supplement has 100 hooks and rumours for the City of Dolmvay from Small Niche Games. They can be used whenever the characters are asking around for information, and can be used as background colour or potential adventure hooks. Whether or not any are true is up to the GameMaster.

This PDF supports Adobe layers and the page backgrounds and images can be disabled to make printing easier.

Here are some sample results

  • James “Two Fingers” Holloway as well as being a known fence preys on drunken sailors in need of money quickly. Sailors rarely have any means of dealing with such as Two Fingers, given their lifestyle, but there are rumours that a number of them have grown tired of how Holloway preys on their misfortune and are planning to teach him a, possibly fatal, lesson.
  • Josep “The Lion” Broten is the Master Crier of the City Crier’s Guild and is often heard booming announcements in the Citadel of Honoured Sailors. There are rumours, though, that Josep has been having problems with his voice recently, and has been seeking out various apothecaries and herbalists for tonics that could help.
  • Judge Tomas Edwards has a reputation as an honest and fair judge, though a bit of a hanging judge when it comes to murderers. There are rumours that sometimes the judge can be a bit too quick to condemn murderers, if he thinks they are guilty, and that a few who were actually innocent of the crime have died as a result, something that, given Edwards’ nature, would probably greatly upset him and result in him resigning his position if he found this to be true.
  • Kertis of Pig Street is a magic user who is currently been sought by the Watch, wanted for murder. There’s a reward for his capture, but so far Kertis has managed to remain in hiding, though there have been a few claimed sightings. There are rumours that Kertis is trying to communicate indirectly with the Watch regarding the murder.
  • Lawguardian Hermon Tabington of the Wharf District has been looking for Murtha’s Hovel for years, but has so far been unable to locate either it or Murtha herself. There are rumours that the Lawguardian has been looking into employing others to help him find Murtha.

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