100 Illusions to Find in a Dungeon

This supplement has 100 illusions suitable for a dungeon, as well as other places. The illusions vary, from those that are merely odd, to those that are disconcerting or intended to steer characters in certain directions, to those that can be directly or indirectly harmful, whether because they are covering up dangers or because believing them will inflict damage.

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Here are some sample results

  • Dining Room The room is a pleasant dining area with a luxurious table adorned with the finest china and cutlery. Well dressed people are eating exquisite dishes, served by attentive staff, and they invite the characters to join them. If the illusion is seen through, the grandeur vanishes, revealing zombie diners being served rotten food by skeletal staff. If the characters eat any of the food, they will be sickened by it.
  • Disappearing Friend One of the characters is covered by an illusion that hides their appearance, their sounds and even makes it harder for others to detect their touch. The character can still see and hear themselves as normal, as the illusion only affects the others in the party.
  • Disintegrated The characters enter a large room with some kind of turret in the centre of it. As the characters enter, an emerald beam lashes out from the turret and hits a running creature, who slowly and painfully turns to dust. The turret will attack any character that comes too close, and those who fail to disbelieve the illusion will believe they have been disintegrated and be knocked unconscious.
  • Dissolving Floor The floor beneath the characters turns to quicksand beneath them, and they can be quickly sucked under if the illusion isn’t disbelieved. Struggling to get out will always fail, as any solid ground quickly dissolves when an attempt is made to grasp onto it. Those sucked under and believing the illusion will struggle to breathe.
  • Doppelganger The party round a corner and come face to face with a duplicate of one of them. The duplicate insists it is the real person, and that the one currently with the party is a fraud. It will try to attack its duplicate, inflicting damage unless it is disbelieved, when it will vanish.

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