Artificer’s Lab – Map Pack

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Artificer’s Lab [Part 01] – Map Pack Artificer’s Lab [Part 01] – Map Pack We’ll visit thematically inspired settings each month, fleshing them out in beautiful renditions of the subject. This month, we invite you to explore the world of the artificer’s laboratory, where beauty and functionality meet.
Here’s the first part.
In the heart of the city’s industrial district, there is a mysterious laboratory where the hum of machinery echoes through the air, fueled by an unknown power source that casts an eerie blue glow. Inside, workers move tirelessly along an assembly line, refining dangerous weapons that are forbidden by law. Here, the artificer toils in secrecy, producing illegal artifacts for the highest bidder. Despite the danger and risk, the artificer’s weapons are highly sought after by those who operate in the shadows. Some say that they can pierce even the toughest defenses, and that their accuracy is unmatched.
Grid size: 20×30 Formats: JPG, PDF (6000×9000 pixels, 300DPI) Variations: Original, Midnight, Shadowfell, Royal Sun, Clean, Amethystsky, Eldritch Fire, Bloodrift Download Link (€1+ Rewards) Download Link (€3+ Rewards) ~ We hope you enjoy these maps as much as we like making them. Stay tuned for another map later this month!
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