Bite Sized Adventures in the Mournland

Bite Sized Adventures in the Mournland

Welcome to this compilation of bite sized
adventures set in the eldritch desolation of the
Mournland, the former nation of Cyre and its capitol
Metrol. These adventures are designed to be
seamlessly integrated with “The Eberron Codex”
adventure, adding depth and excitement to the
players’ time in the Mournland.

Explore the wasteland and ghostly city, where
danger lurks at every turn and adventure awaits at
every corner.
With 10 unique encounters, your players will experience
the full range of excitement and danger that the
Mournland has to offer, from eldritch horrors and
haunting apparitions, to clans of Warforged in their
own war within the Mournland.
So buckle up, grab your gear, and get ready to dive
into the Mournland, where danger awaits. The
journey through the Mournland may be long, but
with this compilation at your side, it will be a trip to


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