Cave of the Damned

Tales of your might have spread throughout the Sword Coast and you have been contracted through the High Observer of Elturgard to deal with a sensitive issue. It seems that a cohort of their knightly order of paladins, the Companions, were sent into the Reaching Woods to the Cave of the Damned and they never returned. You must uncover the fate of the Companions and complete the mission they were sent to do recovering a missing child, and heir High Observer, Tibold Markus. The citizens of Elturgard cannot know their future High Observer is missing and that their invincible Companions were unable to rescue him. But beware, there is a reason the Cave of the Damned has swallowed such heroes whole. It is a cave unlike any other, none who have ventured into its depths have ever returned.

Included in this One Shot Adventure Module

  • The storyline for a single Underdark cave adventure
  • 3 custom open world environmental maps
  • DM eyes only main cave map with additional detail
  • Investigation check tables for ease of exploration
  • Multiple social, exploration and combat encounters
  • Callouts for ways to speed up and slow down the exploration to fit your time table

A 3 5 hour D&D 5e one shot campaign set in Faerun on the Sword Coast. This campaign can be customized to a party of any size or level but written and recommended as a level 8 adventure for 5 players.
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