Christian Quest 2E Lord of Wonders; Revelations

God has tasked his angels to bring him stories. Your Story.

Start your biblical journey to fight monsters, and demons, make the devil pay for what he has wrought onto this world. Bring the fight to his minions, the giants, dragons, and mystical folk encountered on 3 different types of battles!

Just make sure not to sin against him, or suffer one of the dreaded curses like Vampirism, Mechanization, or WereBeast syndrome. Use all the options available to avoid dying such as Death Stupor, or sacrificing a limb to keep yourself alive. Whatever you do you cannot avoid death for long.

Run the game As the GA (Guardian Angel) Using your unique skills to entertain the players and save them from their own trouble. Lead the players in the right direction either in person, or through someone else. Use your blessings to craft the story that you want to. See to it that the in game laws are kept or you may be forced to dish out a hefty punishment to the Characters!

23 Classes, Monsters, a Oneshot story, multiple weapons and rules. This game uses a dice growing d12 system out of combat, and a D6 3+ hit system during combat. A game for 2 to 6 players.

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