Creatures of the Cold

Venture into the frozen unknown with ‘Creatures of the Cold,’ a new PDF product featuring five chilling new monsters for the 5th edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game. Explore the frigid arctic wastelands and encounter the Snow Scorpion, a deadly predator with icy claws and a venomous sting. Brave the treacherous depths and face the Ice Mauler, a monstrous Orc Eel like creature that will stop at nothing to protect its icy domain. Beware the frozen undead minions of the Ice Ghoul, a creature born of cursed remnants from lost expeditions. Watch out for the tiny but formidable Snowflake Swarm, which can combine to form larger, more powerful creatures made of ice and snow. Finally, face the ultimate challenge with the Glacier Titan, a towering monstrosity with devastating powers. ‘Creatures of the Cold’ will test your players’ mettle against the freezing forces of nature. Will they come out victorious?

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