Creobold’s Ballroom

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Creobold’s Ballroom Creobold’s Ballroom Hello all! Last month as a part of our 6-year anniversary on Patreon I revisited one of my oldest dungeon maps, Creobold’s Underbelly and re-envisioned it at battle-map scale. The premise of the dungeon is that of a secret subterranean complex hidden beneath the home of a local noble. It houses all their dirty little secrets and even provides a nice escape route in case of a… fiery uprising.
Enter: Creobold’s Ballroom! The counterpart to the dungeon below, this map represents the opulent ballroom one might expect to be housed within the mansion of a well to-do noble. It features spiraling, multi-level stairs, viewing balconies, raised lounge areas, plenty of seating, as well as an eye-catching fountain at its center.
The 22×17 square battle map is there for your players to engage on any particular level with the noble of your campaign, but I’ve also included an especially well-lit variant in case things go rather belly-up for ‘ol Crebold. I imagine this would make a nice partial-fight scene that ends with the Count fleeing through a secret entrance to the dungeon complex below.
What’s included in the Download:
Creobold’s Ballroom in high resolution, as previewed above An adjacent variant of the ballroom, but with the seating and fountain swapped out for a dance floor A fiery inferno version of the Ballroom, furniture askew, flames abound, as previewed above An “empty” variant of the ballroom with everything stripped from the middle, a sort of partial-unfurnishing A nighttime variant of the empty variant A completely unfurnished variant, just the structural bones remain Gridded, gridless, and VTT-Compressed options for all of the above Creobold’s Ballroom ZIP Download
Creobold’s Ballroom PSD Download ($3+) Enjoy!
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