Crescent City A Ravenloft Domain of Dread

In the southlands, there is a city/down by the river…

Once the crown jewel of the south lands, the queen of cities, Crescent City is legendary for the color, music, and joyous energy of Mardi Gras. However, that city has fallen under the shadow of Dr. Facilier. Wielding his newly acquired occult and financial powers, Dr. Facilier works to drive the people of Crescent City to greater and greater desperation.

“The Beast’s Castle” is based on Episode 9 of our podcast, “Wonderful World of Darklords”, available on apple podcasts, spotify, and most podcatchers. Every month we adapt an animated movie into a Ravenloft Domain. Happy Gaming!

PS this our most “Disney Nerd Easter Eggs” one yet.

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