Crypt of the Dancing Wyvern

The long lost crypt of Syr Oweyn of the Dancing Wyvern Knights must be found. Its riches are ripe for plunder. But those brave enough to explore it must be smart enough — and lucky enough — to survive its many dangers.

A Five Torches Deep adventure for low level characters.

This adventure is designed for Five Torches Deep, but is compatible with any six stat adventure or OSR game.

There are 2 twists in the adventure A rival NPC adventuring party got to the Crypt first, and the real threat doesn’t manifest until the adventurers try to leave.

Comes with NEW magic items and monsters!

heraldic_wyvern.pngHundreds of years ago, a brave knight died peacefully in his sleep. The foremost warrior of his order, The Knights of the Dancing Wyvern, Syr Oweyn the Quick was laid to rest in an elaborate crypt with all the protections their wealthy order could purchase. For decades after his death, Syr Oweyn’s crypt was carefully tended and guarded by squires, for it became fashionable for Dancing Wyvern knights to be laid to rest there, often paying vast sums for the honor.

Then the Cult of Zog swept in out of the West. The kingdom was shattered. Those Dancing Wyvern knights who were not slain in the onslaught were dispersed. The squires who kept watch on the crypt set its wards, locked its gates, and fled to die in a manner as seemed best to them.

Now, in the Watchful Peace, rumors swirl among adventurers about the hoarded treasure that awaits in the Crypt of the Dancing Wyvern for whoever might collect it…


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