Curse of Strahd Companion 10 The Ruins of Berez


The Curse of Strahd Companion is your comprehensive guide to running 5th Edition’s greatest and grimmest campaign. The Companion dives through every chapter of Curse of Strahd and incorporates Wyatt Trull’s mithral bestselling module, The Wedding at Ravenloft as the campaign’s climax. This chapter overhauls the Ruins of Berez chapter

  • Ending the Cycle. From dawn to midnight, the spirits relive their last day on this earth before the Shadow of Strahd—an echo of the past—materializes on the outskirts of Berez. Baba Lysaga treats this shadow as her son and walks him to Ulrich Manor, where the Shadow visits an echo of Marina, Tatyana’s previous reincarnation. Alas, just before the Shadow can sink its fangs into this misty Marina, the ghosts of Burgomaster Ulrich Lazlo and Brother Grigor burst in to kill “Marina.” In its grief and rage, the Shadow unleashes a flood of mist that destroys Berez and slaughters its spirits once again—only to return tomorrow night.
  • Vinshaw Captured. Muriel Vinshaw has been captured by Baba Lysaga and stuffed into one of her raven teeming cages! Burgomaster Lazlo Ulrich informs the party of this grisly fate.
  • Revision. Strahd has been written out of this chapter, as his presence, I fear, detracts from the overall experience.
  • Dramatis Personae. A handy guide detailing all characters featured in this chapter of the campaign, with advice and variants.
  • Areas of Note. A guide to swiftly running the winery’s areas, replete with new flavor text, traps, and enemies.
  • DM Notes. Notes including but not limited to spicing up the region with valuable roleplay with select NPCs.
  • Magic Item Descriptions.Save yourself the time of digging through the Dungeon Master’s Guide to determine how the magic items in this chapter work.
  • Monster Stats. Time is precious, and matters all the more in combat. Appendix B has the statistics for the NPCs used in this chapter!

Publishing Schedule

It is no secret that Curse of Strahd’s chapters are organized counterintuitively. The Companion will be publishing chapters with a more narrative focus in mind

Order Chapter
1 1 Into the Mists
2 Death House Prologue
3 2 The Lands of Barovia
4 3 The Village of Barovia
5 6 Old Bonegrinder
6 5 The Town of Vallaki
7 7 Argynvostholt
8 11 Van Richten’s Tower
9 8 The Village of Krezk
10 12 The Wizard of Wines
11 14 Yester Hill
12 15 The Werewolf Den
13 10 The Ruins of Berez
14 9 Tsolenka Pass
15 13 The Amber Temple
16 4 Castle Ravenloft


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