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When the game you’re playing is named after a creature, you can bet that creature is pretty tough and you’ll need all the help you can get when facing one. These subclasses were designed to go up against dragons and come out on top (but are also fun in other situations).

  • Snare Smith an artificer who entraps their foes with spells and zips around the battlefield with a grappleshot.

  • Path of the Glorious Hunt A path for barbarians who focus their rage on a single opponent and lose sight of everything else.

  • College of Flattery These bards specialize in stroking the egos of their listeners to charm them and captivate their attention.

  • Thievery Domain Blessings of stealth and agility for clerics who devote themselves to the gods of thieves.

  • Circle of Culling A circle of ruthless druidic archers who fight for the balance of nature by removing threats permanently.

  • Shield Knight A defensive fighter who uses their shield to hinder opponents.

  • Way of Humility This monastic tradition focuses on mastery of the mind, rejecting earthly matters like wealth and status.

  • Oath of Pursuance A sacred oath granting speed and mobility to paladins who rise to action quickly, before evil has a chance to take root.

  • Big Game Hunter These rangers are focussed on taking down big creatures and predicting their moves.

  • Hoard Raider These rogues specialize in breaking into the best protected treasuries and creature lairs.

  • Fiendish Avarice A sorcerous origin with subtle powers born from the sin of greed.

  • The Night Dragon The draconic deity of death grants warlocks necromantic power in exchange for the lives of dragons.

  • School of Physiology An arcane tradition that supplements the studies of magic with an understanding of medicine and biology.

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