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Drizzt’s Travelogue of Everything is a massive, two volume collaboration of DMsGuild creators that expands on the options found in the Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and Monster Manual.

Chapter 1 Player Options

  • 26 new subclasses for every class, including artificer
  • A brand new class the cunning Tactician, with 4 new subclasses of its own
  • 2 remastered subclasses just like the Circle of Spores druid and Bladesinger wizard get reworks in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, the Path of the Berserker Barbarian and the Way of the Sun Soul monk get new, exciting reworks in Drizzt’s Travelogue of Everything

Chapter 2 Magic Items

  • Over 50 new magic items to suit any tier of play
  • Wondrous items from a magical cookie tin, glitter bomb, and magic microphone
  • Sentient magic weapons with unique personalities and awesome powers

Chapter 3 Dungeon Master’s Tools

  • Guides on running intrigue and mystery, animal domestication, and more
  • A revised guide to shopping, and guidelines for running a business
  • Complex narrative traps with instructions for modification

Play with Less Prep

The Roll20 version ofDrizzt’s Travelogue of Everythingcontains all book content in the Roll20 compendium, ready to be used immediately!

  • Player options can be found in the Roll20’s D&DCharactermancer, allowing them to quickly make a selecton and have that subclasses’ features automatically appear on their sheet!
  • All magic items can be found in yourin app compendium, allowing you to easily create handouts to show players, and even drag onto their character sheets!
  • All Dungeon Master’s Tools can be found in the compendium, ready to drag into any game, or read on their own in theRoll20 web compendium

Accessing your Content

Compendium.You can access all of the rules, items, and creatures from this product in thein app compendium, as well as on theRoll20 web compendium.

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