Elin’s Tome of Titans


Across almost every world and plane, there exist legends of creatures like no other, mighty titans that can shake the very ground with but a step. One of the most famous titans is the legendary Tarrasque. Many myths and religions see the lone titan as a destroyer of worlds and whilst its power is to be respected, it is not the only titan out there that can be found.

This PDF contains four subclass options for the Barbarian, Fighter, Sorcerer, and Warlock, as well as containing eight unique magical items that range from common to an artefact. The primary feature of this PDF is the thirty five unique titans for you to use in your games, providing vivid descriptions of their appearance, behaviour, lore, and power.


Lectora, The Iron Bear

This tome details descriptions of many different types of powerful monsters that can be classed as titans, from their abilities to their general behaviour. The information gathered within this tome was made possible thanks to the work of the adventurer, Elin Gentleheart, who personally looked into each and every titan within this tome and generously shared her findings.


The Titanic Leviathan

It is strongly advised that anyone who reads this tome does not use this knowledge for any other purpose than education as this tome contains not just information about titans, but mysterious individuals known as Titan Wielders as well as powerful magical times that link back to the Titans. Using the information within would be a great tragedy as many titans are singular beings with no other like them currently known and their death would be a great loss to the world.


Contar, The Artificial Titan

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