Exploring Eberron Roll20

Exploring EberronRoll20

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Join Eberron setting creatorKeith Bakerin this tour through the lands, oceans, and planes of Eberron.Exploring Eberronpresents Keith’s vision ofEberron like never before, with fresh lore and rich illustrations to bring the setting to life.

In this book, Keith takes players and Dungeon Masters on a thrilling dive into the world of Eberron. Encounter the monstrous folk of Droaam, the goblinoid Heirs of Dhakaan, the Mror dwarves and their Realm Below, and the sahuagin and merfolk dwelling beneath the waves. Embrace faiths of altruism, pragmatism, and darkness. Browse the tomes of Dolurrh’s Vault of Memories, seek the Amaranthine Cities of Irian and Mabar, meditate with the githzerai monks of Kythri, and much more.

The adventure won’t be easy! Mighty friends and foes await—from legendary archfey and proud sahuagin to nightmarish quori and alien daelkyr. Eberron is a world in need of heroes, but take heart between these pages lie a host of character options for would be heroes to enjoy. You’ll discover new archetypes for the artificer, cleric, druid, monk, and bard. Play unique Eberron races and subraces including gnolls, Dhakaani goblinoids, aasimar of diverse faiths, and ruinbound dwarves. Uncover a wealth of magic items from around the world, wield symbionts that bond with your very flesh, channel your dragonmark with focus items—and perhaps even manifest a Siberys dragonmark of immense power.

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