Four Delvers

Four Delvers is a lighthearted solo miniature adventure game designed to pick up and play when you are all alone but still want to push lead, roll dice, and take part in a grand adventure.

4D is designed to be fun, fast, and simpler than most solo miniature games…while still requiring tactics and intelligent play to succeed. This book includes all the rules needed to play, random monster and treasure, and 12 infinitely playable scenarios including dungeon crawling rules. All you need is a d12, an 18” play area, terrain, your favorite miniatures, and 30 60 minutes to kill.

The prieview showcases the core rules, so check it out before you buy.

Editors Note This is a reworking of the multi award winning, double platinum, 6 stars and a bag of chips, 3 Delvers. After much violent play testing, the rules were returned to something closer to its original form. If you purchased 3 Delvers, look for a comp copy in your spam folder

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