Gentle Village Greengrocer

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Gentle Village Greengrocer Gentle Village Greengrocer Hey everyone!
This is the latest in our starter Peaceful Village series. This time we’ve made a local greengrocer with all sorts of local fruit and veg but also eggs and fish. And anything else you might need for making a local pie or summer scone.
Of course all this food attracts unwanted pests so the store has a little retinue of mouser cats to keep a look out. 😉 We’ve also made some surrounding homes, a village pump well and a little community garden.
We’re picturing this gentle old couple doddering around, stroking the cats, often nodding off behind the counter. Outside you hear the sound of a cuckoo off in the distance and the rumble of a merchant’s cart going by.
Anyway, let us know if you’d like us to continue this series! Here’s how it’s looking so far:

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Get this week’s maps using the links below:

Gentle Village Greengrocer – $1 Rewards

Gentle Village Greengrocer – $3 Rewards

Gentle Village Greengrocer – $5 Rewards (Gridded)
Gentle Village Greengrocer – $5 Rewards (Gridless)

This week’s map variations:

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