Hydroponic Greenhouse Facility

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Hydroponic Greenhouse Facility Hydroponic Greenhouse Facility Hi all,
Here’s the first cyberpunk battle map drop of the month – “The Hydroponic Greenhouse Facility”. This has been a much requested map and I’m glad that I finally created it.
This battle map was a really big struggle for me due to the canopy layers. The canopy feature had to be a functional part of this rather large facility but at the same time, it had to look good. Making sure those two elements come together isn’t easy. I hope I managed to create something that you all will love gaming on!
Without further ado, let’s take a look at the map variants.
Map Variants

Base Map & Canopy Layers
Two canopy layers are provided:
Level 1 – The ones that come with the overhanging walkways and stairs Level 2 – The upper tier botanical plant pods Please note: the Level 2 Canopy layer is highly experimental! I almost didn’t want to include it because it blocks a lot of the map view and doesn’t really provide much more in terms of functionality. But due to the height this layer sits at, it really adds that verticality factor to the map. It looks cool so I figured some of you might want to play with it and see what happens.
My personal opinion – Skip the Level 2 Canopy and just use the Level 1 alone.
The Mist The two air ducts to the north of the map releases some sort of greenish mist. What does the mist do? Is it poisonous? Or are the engineers of this hydroponic facility experimenting with some sort of plant growth accelerant?
One thing’s for sure though, the density of the mist is much higher on the ground level than it is anywhere else (hint: get to the safety of the canopies).
Overgrowth The botanical engineers at this greenhouse facility have lost control of their experiment(s). The plants have started to grow out of control and their growth is accelerating. What’s more, your players arrive to find the facility abandoned.
Seems simple enough mission for the players. Investigate the cause of the botanical overgrowth in this abandoned complex. Obtain the experimental serum. Go home. All whilst making sure they did not breathe in any of the plant spores that act like a virus that can mutate/alter the human genome.
Hang on, this mission sounds oddly familiar.
Have fun with this one people!
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This map was brought to you courtesy of my wonderful Patreon supporters, for without them, this battle map would not exist. Thank you all!

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