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Atmospheric adventures for stormy nights in the North

This product includes eight quests with original maps for campaigns in and around the Icewind Dale, most prominentlyRime of the FrostmaidenorStorm King’s Thunder. Battle phase spider cambions, mind flayer juice infused crabs, living fingers of death, and more.



  1. Auril’s Sinew A goblin death cult occupies a gargantuan bridge in the Spine of the World — contains flying goblins and Death Cult mechanics.
  2. Crab Collective A lair of sentient, psionic crabs that have evolved after gobbling up a mind flayer — contains disgusting eggs and mind bending group mechanics.
  3. Hunting Grounds An orc village fights a losing battle against a phase spider cambion named Muugin — contains a reoccurring villain that might crawl into your mouth at night.
  4. Last Rest Inn An extra dimensional inn that only appears to travelers on the brink of death — contains a hungry oni, umber hulk chairs, and a mind flayer trap.
  5. Moon Shade Mead An adorable quest to help a young halfling revive her late grandfather’s meadery — contains magic berries, undead critters, and a speaking skull.
  6. Strike the Earth A former dwarven hold, now the lair of svirfneblin eating yuan ti — contains hardship, magma worms, and split tongued liars.
  7. Tower of Lead The Tower of Lead, a leaking wound in the Weave and site of a failed mythal — contains living spells and deadly radiation.
  8. Well of Spirits The Well of Spirits, an ancient site of power, misused by a priest of Auril and her fur covered followers — may contain traces yeti.

These quests are presented to you by author Christian Eichhorn and editor John Parker. You can contact me via mail ( or via Twitter (@squirrelgolem).



Play with Less Prep!

This Roll20 version ofIcewind Dale Tome of Adventuresincludes the full adventure filled out in a Roll20 module!

  • All text laid out in easy to read, cross linked handouts, giving you all the information you need right at your fingertips
  • All NPCs and creatures set up with character sheets including click to roll buttons for attacks, saves, and skills
  • Every map set up for play, with pre placed tokens, GM layer information, and Dynamic Lighting support (requiresplus / pro subscription)
  • Every rollable table ready to roll with single click Rollable Tables and Macros
  • All tokens and handouts combined in a Art Pack in your Art Library, allowing you to use the art of this product in other games

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