Lair Update 2

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Lair Update 2 Lair Update 2 Hello friends,
Thank you all for your feedback with the last update. I have taken in your concerns and have made some modifications towards the original concept art.
The reason for the initial “vanilla” version was printability. I can easily go ahead and follow the concept art carefully, but I was a bit worried that if I went full grimdark, the terrain just wouldn’t be a pleasant printing experience or even if it would print.
Unfortunately, I will still have to omit some details, due to the printability concerns. But I hope you will see that I will do all I can to include the some of the interesting details, even if they don’t make any architectural sense lol!
I will also be releasing the “vanilla” version as that is almost finished, anyway.
I love all the support you folks give me, and the constructive feedback will go towards helping me improve the project. Pinyo
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