Shipwrecked! Part 5 Ragarra’s Wrath

An interactive narrative solo adventure for level 5 characters

Designed for replayability this adventure offers

5 Different sidekicks!
5 Different paths to the end!


Defeating a cell of the cult of Ragarra on Fang Island, you are informed that the cult is spreading throughout the Utter South. There is only one solution return to the mainland and defeat the mastermind of this insidious plan once and for all!

Designed for solo play, but with the use of sidekicks in mind, veteran players of the Shipwrecked! saga will have five unique sidekicks to choose from. And each sidekick brings you on a different route through the adventure!

Choose a different sidekick, and play a different version of the adventure!

Part 1 now Available!

Part 2 now available!

Part 3 now available!

Part 4 now available!

Part 5 now available!

New class for solo play now available!

Special features

  • Gorgeous, full colour battle maps for every combat encounter
  • Two player adjustment rules for duo play
  • Suggestions for expanding the adventure as a standard, multiplayer module
  • Five unique sidekicks with backstories, banter, and a unique path to follow!
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This item is produced by Blaise Wigglesworth

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