Stolen Hearts, Love Story Heists


Swipe a vampire’s love letter from a museum, lift a calcified heart for a lich, and rescue a fallen angel from a casino between worlds. Stolen Hearts features six thrilling heist adventures focused around love stories. Each adventure features guidance for “casing the joint” where the party can gather clues and information to pull off their heist. Finally, this book includes recommendations for running heists in the world’s greatest rollplaying game.

This Book Includes

  • One Last Job.An introduction that gives DM guidance for running heists, failing forward, and setting up fun ways for players to gather intel before a heist.
  • Six Heist Adventures.These can be used as standalone one shots or dropped into any campaign.
    • Sending Love(Level 1 3)
    • The Queen of Tarts(Level 3 4)
    • The Dybbuk’s Reprise(Level 5 7)
    • Yours Eternal(Level 7 9)
    • With All My Heart(Level 10 14)
    • Misfortune Favors the Bold(Level 15 17)
  • Beautiful Color Maps.Six VTT ready gridded/ungridded location maps for every adventure.
  • Original Artwork.Stunning portraits of important NPCs


preview of stolen hearts adventure Yours Eternal featuring a vampire tieflingpreview of Sending Love featuring a map of the mansion

preview of The Dybbuk's Reprise featuring a portrait of an elven womanpreview of Misfortune Favors the Bold featuring a map of the Fortune's Favor casino

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Stolen Hearts, Love Story Heists

Stolen Hearts

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