Thayan Encyclopedia — Volume I Land of Necromancy


Thayan Encyclopedia — Volume I Land of Necromancy is an immersive campaign setting for the land of Thay during the ruling of the lich king Szass Tam, written from the perspective of characters within the universe.

This is the first of four volumes already in the making. Within its pages you’ll read the work made by a team of journalists, Memorious Ink, attempting to summarize and explain how did Necromancy come to rule over Thay and how it has affected its army, turning it into the most feared undead force in the multiverse. From describing Thay itself and the Red Wizards that inhabit it to enlisting battle tactics, warmongering spells, original magic items, and new characters, this campaign setting has all the world building you need to take your players beyond a normal campaign and into war itself.

This series of books was born from our “undying” love for Thay and its lore. As such, we hope that like minded players and Dungeon Masters find our work useful to bring that much needed depth and intrigue to the land of the fearsome Red Wizards.

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