The Evening Gale | Frigate Map Pack!

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The Evening Gale | Frigate Map Pack! The Evening Gale | Frigate Map Pack! The download URL for the map files can be found in a following “Tier Rewards” post specific to your tier, or on the Pinned post on the front page of the Patreon.
Ahoy! And, welcome aboard the Evening Gale!
This 4-level sailing vessel contains several areas to provide and promote an immersive nautical experience for your party, whether they are invading the ship, traveling aboard it or, perhaps, come to own it.
The Main Deck contains the helm, anchor, rear canon, (some) rigging and stairs down to the lower decks. Beneath each of the castles at the bow and stern are living quarters.
The southern living quarters belongs to the captain, while the northern living quarters could be divided among officers, travelers, guests or other folk.
The Mid Deck contains 20 cannons, hammocks slung for crew members, a kitchen, cook’s quarters, head (bathroom) and a few more private cabins for visitors, PC quarters or special members of the boat.
The Lower Deck or Hold contains a large amount of room for cargo, accessed via the large opening descending through all floors via pairs of metal doors. The stern section of the Hold contains the brig, while the bow contains livestock accessible via a ladder from the kitchen level.
I’ve also included a Variant Tile/Token for Spelljammer players, featuring the Evening Gale with wings instead of sails.
I hope you this ship can inspire some fun adventures for your party, or perhaps be a reward for them after completing a mission.
I hope you like it!
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