The Gallows Gallop

The annual horse race, “The Gallows Gallop,” in the village of Gallows End, is in peril. The infamous bandit, Blackjack, seeks to use the win as a platform to deliver the lands surrounding Gallows End into the hands of the enemy Empire. The players are the only hope to defend the Gallows Gallop and preserve its legacy. With bravery and determination, they must navigate the treacherous racetrack, overcome its dangerous obstacles, and put an end to Blackjack’s evil plan. The fate of the Gallows Gallop and the surrounding lands rests in their hands, as they strive to become the heroes the village needs.

Adventure for three to four level 1 or 2 characters.

Important disclaimer this adventure has been written by making extensive and pervasive use of ChatGPT artificial intelligence model. That was intended as i wanted to answer the following questions. Do I still enjoy writing adventures if I do so with an AI? Will players enjoy an adventure co authored with an AI? Will people pick this adventure among the many out there and decide to play it if they know that an AI contributed to writing it? It’s an experiment, and you are more than welcome to join it!

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This item is produced by Davide Chiuchiù

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