Theme Pack: Proteus Outpost

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Theme Pack: Proteus Outpost Theme Pack: Proteus Outpost Hi everyone,
This post is a work in progress, and new content and links will be added as things get done. This post also represents the future release model of Miska’s Sci-Fi Maps. A single post like this will include all maps and other content for the same theme. Eventually, everything will be wrapped in a single Foundry VTT module as things get completed.
While most of the future releases will be wrapped into this kind of theme packs, there will be other smaller releases too, and you can still find specific maps through The Map Index and gallery.
At the moment, it looks like we will continue this theme through May as well. But there will be other map releases besides this. There are some smaller encounter maps and unfinished deckplans coming out in May.
I thank you for your patience as making a change like this has been bigger than I anticipated, as many small things and processes are affected.
As this is our first theme pack, any feedback or input is welcome. Please, let us know if you have suggestions or ideas on making this post easier to use or what kind of content you want to see in these packs.
Thank you!

2023-04-21: Post published, added links to previously released Infested Reactor and Colony Medlab maps and new Command Center map.
Foundry VTT Module Coming soon…
Maps Proteus Outpost Area Map
Basic JPG pack | Full JPG pack
Command Center
Basic JPG pack | Full JPG pack | PDF Pack | PNG Pack | Webp Pack | Dungeondraft
Colony Medlab
Basic JPG pack | Full JPG pack | PDF Pack | PNG Pack | Webp Pack
Infested Reactor
Basic JPG pack | Full JPG pack | PDF Pack | PNG Pack | Webp Pack
Research Laboratories
Coming soon…
Amatium refinery
Coming soon…
Landing area
Coming soon…
Barracks & Mess hall
Coming soon…
Outpost Cantina
Coming soon…
Mech Garage
Coming soon…
Art Coming soon…
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