Torment of the Blood Witch

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An old evil returns to the Realms

The town of Proskur has been cut off from the rest of the kingdom of Cormyr by a terrible storm, just as its people begins to suffer from a feinting sickness. Now the crops are failing. Are these the acts of a vengeful god? Or something more sinister?

While aiding the good peoples of Cormyr in their plight against goblin hordes, the restless dead, a band of cut throat pirates and the wilds of the Gritstone Moorland, the adventurers must investigate the true cause behind these calamities while uncovering a century old past, following in the footsteps of a legendary band of knights.

Will they bring the fight to Bad Blood Hattie in her accursed Bloodtower lair? Or doom Proskur to become a blighted ruin?

What’s inside?

  • A detailed 25+ hour adventure path taking a party of 4 players from 1st to 4th level and beyond; featuring classic dungeon design, interesting NPCs, magic items, mini games, and role play and skill use opportunities to make sure every character gets chances to shine, no matter their build!
  • High quality full colour maps (70px grid) and handouts to print or use with your VTT of choice
  • A primer on Cormyr and its culture, with onboarding for player characters and DMs to help you start any adventure in the Kingdom of the Purple Dragon, updated for the late 15th century of the Forgotten Realms.
  • In depth Realms lore, new and old (we’ll be impressed if you know all the references!) to bring it up to date for fifth edition.
  • A new Cleric Divine Domain The Luck Domain!
  • A new Playable Race The Hagspawn!
  • A brand new, unique arcane spell! Who’s going to find it first?
  • 27 new statblocks, including 20+ new monsters, some of them old favourites returning from previous editions.
  • 17 new items, magical and curious including a sentient cooking pot and the famed Purple Dragon ring!
  • Retainer NPCs in each chapter for when you’re a player short (easier than rebalancing encounters, right?)
  • 4 interesting new creatures to enhance your Druid’s wildshape options with utility that spans all tiers (finally)!
  • A keyword system to make things easier to ‘plug and play’ encounters into your own setting if you wish.
  • A new moorland wilderness terrain type to explore, complete with customised random encounters. Don’t get lost in the fog!
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