Adaptable NPCs of the Guild (Roll20)

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Enrich the adventures you tellwithnew non player characters to guide your players across Faerûn, now using Roll20!

Adaptable NPCs of the Guildis a DMs Guild community project that introduces you to detailed non player characters to use at your table. Quest givers, travelling companions, minor henchmen, or campaign ending foes await to engage your players and inspire your campaigns.

Written by 18 of the Guild’s most talented and exciting creators, this module provides you with NPCs to populate your worlds! From the Retired Red Wizard of Thay to the Chosen Disciples of Tiamat, these NPCs will fit perfectly into your official campaign settings or homebrew worlds alike!

Additionally, a completely original 3 6 hour adventure has been included that can be run standalone or dropped into an official campaign setting using one of the many included story hooks.

Inside the module you will find

  • 63 Incredible Adaptable NPCs, including theBaelnorn Lich,theFlameblade Magus, and theRed Witch

  • 13 Variant NPCs, such asChosen of Bhaal,Radiant Sunwitch,and theWayfarer Beast Trainer

  • 11 magic items, like theCourt Mage’s Shawl, theHerbal Energy Mushroom, and theCommander’s Hope

  • A 3 6 hour adventure, includingbattle maps (with dynamic Line of Sight)andtokens for every ANPC




Note This product is for use in the Roll20 virtual tabletop. If you would like to purchase the PDF version,click here.

The content in this module was created by these fine folks

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